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Cannabis Payment Solutions

As the payments industry continues to evolve for cannabis businesses, Ian wants his clients to remain flexible and open to the best solutions as they become available. His goal is to earn your business every month with his integrity and white-glove concierge customer service. He and his clients do business together every month because they choose to, not because they are obligated. Simple, straight, honest talk from Ian every single time. The following are services that he can provide through various partnerships:

Cannabis Banking

Through years of FinTech experience in the banking industry, Ian has built a national network of partnerships with banks and credit unions that are willing to offer full-service cannabis banking solutions to state licensed cannabis related businesses. These financial institutions typically provide services such as checking accounts, ability to send and receive payments by ACH/wire/check to vendors, utilities, tax authorities and employees, ability to accept payments electronically or in cash, lending, online banking, and armored car cash pickups. These partners are FDIC or NCUA Insured.

Cannabis Payment Processing

Like any other business, dispensaries and other cannabis businesses should offer their customers a variety of payment solutions. Unfortunately, operating a cash-only business increases the chances of theft and requires strict staff monitoring and security systems, which can be resolved by accepting electronic payments from customers. Offering a variety of payment options also significantly increases repeat customers and attracts new ones. Ultimately, payment processing solutions help increase security, transparency, convenience, and scalability for cannabis businesses.

Debit Processing / Cashless ATM

Enables dispensaries to accept debit cards and PIN-enabled credit cards which helps to reduce fraud and chargebacks. These solutions are also proven to increase ticket sales on average by 30% and tips by 50% with next-day funding. Terminals are available for countertop with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G for delivery. POS integrations are available.

ATM Machines & Service

Sometimes customers don’t want to use their credit or debit card to shop at a dispensary and prefer to use cash as their payment method. Offering customers the option to pay with a card is as important as having a well-working, and well serviced ATM for cash transactions. Custom branded wraps are available.

e-Check / ACH & Gift Card Programs

Allows you to process checks electronically as well as ACH transactions online and in-store to streamline the purchasing process.

Gift cards are a great way to promote a dispensary, promote the brand, bring in new customers and receive full payments upfront.

CBD eCommerce

CBD has gained tremendous popularity over the years and the trend is still on the rise, making it an ideal eCommerce product. To build a successful eCommerce business, you need a platform that offers a variety of payments solutions and business tools designed specifically for this industry.

Cannabis Merchant Cash Advance

The cost associated with running a cannabis or CBD business can be extremely steep and without having the backup from banks and credit unions, businesses are faced with little to no options in obtaining financing. This is where Merchant Cash Advance can help you.

Smart Safe Depository Banking

Smart Safes help protect your cash from internal and external theft and simplify cash processing. This technology is designed to protect and secure deposits and increase the visibility of the cash flow.

Cannabis Merchant Services

If you’ve experienced account disruption, delays in processing high tickets and getting funded, or high rates and fees, then finding the right Cannabis Merchant Services can help you.