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Payment processing technologies are essential hardware and/or software integrations that allow businesses to accept multiple payment options. Cannabis payment processing solutions demand an enhanced focus on compliance, security, and transparency.
Ian Rassman stands behind a network of cannabis financial providers that offer the solutions to meet the payment processing needs of organizations of all sizes.

Payment Processing for All Cannabis Sectors 

Payment processing is crucial for all cannabis organizations, including cultivators, retail dispensary owners, laboratories, and other sectors of the industry.

Benefits of Cannabis Payment Processing:

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Customer Retention Rate
  • Transparency

Payment processing technologies are essential for ensuring safe, secure payments to vendors, secure bill pay, and consumer transactions.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Cash-only operations are at a high-risk of non-compliance, theft, and not do not meet customer expectations. Customers demand the convenience of multiple payment options for their cannabis products.

However, federal law makes it illegal for cannabis businesses to utilize credit card payments, for example, Visa or Mastercard.

Electronic payments are the safest, most secure way to complete business transactions in our modern age. Ian Rassman has partnered with numerous providers that offer a variety of innovative payment processing solutions.

Payment Processing Solutions Include:

  • ACH/Electronic Check (E-CHECK)
  • Pin-Enabled Debit
  • Cashless ATM
  • E-Commerce Payment Processing
  • Gift Card Programs

Providing multiple payment options attracts new customers, increases the likelihood of repeat customers, and provides an overall improvement to the customer experience.

Reliable, Secure Payment Processing

Reliable and secure payment processing providers ensure safety for both your business and consumers. Reputable providers decrease the chance of fraudulent purchases and financial losses. Secure payment processing also protects customers by safely handling their banking and personal information.

Ian Rassman connects cannabis businesses with only reputable payment processing providers. These financial organizations utilize code encryption to protect your businesses and customers.

Transparent Payment Services

Transparent payment processing is the key to ensuring accurate financial record keeping. A reputable payment processing provider will store payment information regarding vendors and consumer transactions. These records simplify bookkeeping processes by allowing business owners to better track, evaluate, and manage spending.

Compliant Payment Processing

Non-compliance is a serious threat to businesses in the cannabis industry. The IRS intentionally targets cannabis organizations due to the high risk of reporting, bookkeeping, and other compliance-related errors. Cash-only operations are at a significantly high risk of compliance issues.

Compliance-centric payment processing technologies are essential to the future growth and success of all business in the cannabis industry. Ian Rassman networks solely with providers that are committed to remaining compliant on state and local levels.

Scalable Platforms

Scalable Platforms

Get connected with a payment processing solution that is designed to grow with your cannabis operation. Ian Rassman partners with financial organizations that provide cannabis payment platforms that are designed with future business growth in mind.

Network of Payment Processing Providers

Ian Rassman has built strong business relationships with numerous cannabis payment processing providers that offer an extensive list of financial services. These organizations provide services that utilize only the most advanced technologies, integrations, and offer their clients exceptional customer service.