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Nationwide Network of Financial Service Providers


Cannabis-specific banking services are crucial due to the ongoing threat of non-compliance. Non-compliance can lead to excessive fines and is the most common cause of business failure in the cannabis industry. Oftentimes, these incidents are accidental and result from poor financial security, record keeping, and reporting.

Streamline compliance processes by choosing a financial service provider that is experienced in the industry. These financial organizations provide the tools and services to minimize errors by eliminating the need for manual reporting.


Security is an essential element of any financial institution. Protect your assets by choosing a cannabis banking provider that protects your financial accounts.

Customer Service

Access to customer support is a crucial feature of any service, especially when your monetary assets are involved. Get connected with only the best cannabis banking providers that guarantee ongoing customer support when you need it most.


Ian Rassman connects cannabis businesses with only the most reputable financial service providers. Invest in a trusted banking partner to ensure financial stability and peace of mind for your business. All cannabis banking partners provide reputable, secure, and FDIC or NCUA insured services.

Cannabis Banking Solutions

Ian Rassman has partnerships with numerous financial organizations that offer an extensive list of premier financial tools, applications, and services. A large network of banking options guarantees that you get connected with the right organization and financial resources to help your business grow.

Banking solutions for cannabis industries

Solutions To Meet Your Banking Needs

Many cannabis businesses struggle to obtain banking and other financial services due to their high-risk status by all major financial institutions. Get connected with a network of experienced cannabis financial providers that provide a full line of commercial banking services.

Checking Accounts

Checking accounts are an essential business tool. Cannabis businesses need a place to store cash and electronic funds safely and securely. Invest your funds into a safe and secure checking account through a trusted banking partner.

Secure B2B Payments

Pay vendor invoices and additional billed services through several secure banking options, including secure ACH, check, wire, and/or electronic transfers.

Other Premier Banking Services

Gain access to a full line of premier banking services, including:

  • Lending Options
  • Armored Cash Pickups
  • Cash Deposits
  • Mobile Banking
  • Online Banking
  • Electronic Payments

Cannabis banking solutions also provide cannabis businesses with access to financial records and transaction monitoring. Track your sales, bill payments, and full transaction history to ensure accuracy.

Cannabis Industries

Businesses across all sectors of the cannabis industry face non-compliance and monetary failure without the right banking services. Ian Rassman connects businesses across all sub-sectors with the tools and services that they need for success.

Cannabis Sub-Industries Clients Include:


  • Retail Dispensaries
  • Cannabis Ecommerce stores
  • CBD Companies
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Cultivators
  • Processors
  • Transporters


There are also organizations that are eager to provide financial services to cannabis ancillary businesses. These clients include legal professionals, insurance companies, real estate agents, accountants, and other professionals that provide services for the cannabis industry.

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